Exploring identity through the body and its limits, I am not your mother is a five channel video installation that investigates the impact of my permanent double vision due to a car accident on my experience of space.

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Hello/Goodbye opens in a single screen with my visits to the therapist’s office. I edited out the session only to show the frame of my body coming and leaving. In Gravity I contour my body in a brown leather couch from an aerial perspective that disorients the viewer while two more screens replicate the movements by disrupting cycles in the middle of the piece. In Perceptual Landscape I roll down a hill, losing orientation with each dizzying turn and making the viewer turn around the five screens. I spin because is it like acting on the impulse to fly, it lets me forget that I am in a real space, it makes me feel free like an ascendant spiral from reality to the imaginary.

I intercalate constructive experiences and elements of daily life to balance those that are most about fantasy: like confronting the self-delusion of my grounding while waiting for the therapist in Waiting Room, with the bubbles that I make by blowing in a fish tank in Hiss. I conceal the traumatic experience taking my body and divorcing it from traditional representations in a spirited and playful way Untitled (this is not a circle).

I avoid theatricality and I rely on daily performative actions in domestic space by positioning myself in the kitchen as a disembodied husband (turned into a cleaning robot) hits my toes over and over to get my attention in Kitchen Talk with Husband; by creating a different hierarchy with the viewer when I cook blind in Lunch with Ducks and my not knowing through my bandaged eyes is coupled with the viewer not knowing if I'll burn myself; by reenacting my confinement in the back seat of a car in Remembered Space.