In September, 2018 we exhibited ‘fever’ at The Plaxall Gallery in New York. A selected group of artists who explore the different takes on climate change/global warming through thought provoking and poetic interpretations on the subject. Featuring painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation, along with informative quotes from world leaders, that challenge and bring awareness to an issue that affects us all. The exhibit was very well received both by the public and representatives from various environmental organizations like C40 cities.


For this exhibition I created the installation 'Human Cloud'. On the ceiling, a mass of trash bags hung, comprised of a large cumulus cloud made of plastic. On the floor, a video projection of planet Earth, veiled and clouded by plastic, and observed from the point of view of other galaxies. 


During the opening night, I moved inside a trash bag recreating the movement of the Earth’s orbit—a live being rotating in an elliptical motion trapped in a plastic bag up to the point of suffocation. 



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This Agreement is entered into by [EARTH] (“Earth”) AND [HUMAN BEINGS] (“Humans”), who hereafter shall be collectively referred to as ‘the parties.’
1.    Humans will inhabit the Earth and will share it with other living beings.

2.    Humans will be free to live wherever they want, with as many living beings as they wish. Humans will not interfere, colonize or take over other living beings' ecosystem. 

3.    Humans will share the responsibility and make their best effort to promote the common good by keeping Earth in good condition.

4.    The resources provided in this agreement are: Land and Oceans.

5.    Utilities will be the responsibility of the humans. Earth will set up and shut down all utilities. This includes water and power. Humans are in charge of their own trash and must incorporate it into the biosphere with no injury or damage. 

6.    Humans are responsible for insurance that covers damage from fire, storms, wind, ice, hail, lightning, snow or sleet.

7.    Earth is not responsible if humans, intentionally or unintentionally, cause harm to either living beings or appliances provided in this agreement.