People often ask me what I’m doing now! Following what I was doing before pandemic days ( right now ... )

Being a dedicated Mentor of the New Inc / New Museum program and feeling the glow of such a creative and talented community, until Aug'21


Coaching and mentoring amazing young artists as part of YouthWorks 2020 program at Brooklyn Arts Exchange ( looking forward to mentoring again)

Performing in 'GENERATOR: Pestilence  Part 1'.  A play happening at La Mama, New York, Feb'20. About how a virus can infect and affect us all. (Couldn't be more timely) Merging art, social practice, and technology (stay tune for Generator Part II. The first was amazing!!!)

Teaching a Video+Installation+Performance class and a workshop about 'Body Movement for Sound and Performance' as faculty at the International Center of Photography (ICP) New Media Narratives Program (suspended for the 2020 academic year. So sad for my peers and talented community!!!) 

Writing 20 min a day (before pandemic.... I am lucky if I hold a pen one day a week these days)

Volunteering at the Woodhull Hospital Artist Program with an HIV Wellness group who has become my family since 2016, (missing these folks so much!), and ocasionaly performing at the 'Breaking Bad News' program, giving hard time to Doctors and Nurses (not a good time to work in a hospital)

Taking Chi-Kung and Core Motion Classes with Daria Faïn (not the same since my dear friend Carol Porteous passed away last July 20th'20)

Meditating and stretching every day (Omm every ommm day)

Listening to Radio Isla Negra and Fip Radio Fr (radio 3 musica x 3)

Biking close to the East River (city bike was created by the 7th day along with the Ferry)

Fantasizing about travelling 3 months to Peru, Bolivia and Chile (in 2021... Salteñas be ready)

Having a Plan B to Mexico, if Trump is reelected (Plan dismissed. Kamala, I love you!!!)

Planning an Artist Residency in Japan (in vaccine times)

Having lots of Fun with my Folks, (mostly online!)

LAUGHING in different languages! HA! HA! HA! JA! JA! JA! (Yes!)

Connecting to my wood hand carved Tiger (expanding the family with my Gizmo and Chupacabrita)

I got the idea for this page from Nayland Blake via Derek Sivers via James T. Green. Maybe you should make one too. the idea for this page from Derek Sivers via James T. Green. Maybe you should make one too.