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© 2016 Ivana Larrosa

People often ask me what I’m doing now!

This is what is coming up in Fall 2019- Winter 2020:

Preparing a lecture/presentation of my work for JH Talks at Expresso 77, November 12, 2019

Participating in 'Plastic', a fantastic group exhibition at Museu de la Vida Rural (MVR), Spain until Jan 2020.

Preparing a weekend workshop about Female Hispanic Enviromental Artists at MVR, as part of 'Plastic' exhibit. December 14-15, 2019


Preparing a solo live performance at 'The Exponential Festival' in Brooklyn, NY. January 11, 2020

Preparing a 1 day workshop about 'Body Movement for Sound and Performance' at International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, Jan 17, 2020


Teaching as faculty at the ICP New Media Narratives Program


Making work at my new studio in Long Island City


Writing 20 min a day

Researching at the Rose Reading Room of the New York Public Library


Volunteering at the Woodhull Hospital Artist Program

Taking Chi-Kung and Core Motion Classes

Meditating and stretching every day

Listening to Radio Isla Negra

Biking close to the East River


Making excuses to take the Ferry


Fantasizing about travelling 3 months in Peru, Bolivia and Chile

Having a Plan B to Mexico, if Trump is reelected

Planning an Artist Residency in Japan

Having lots of Fun with my Folks!




Connecting to my wood hand carving Tigress

I got the idea for this page from Nayland Blake via Derek Sivers via James T. Green. Maybe you should make one too. the idea for this page from Derek Sivers via James T. Green. Maybe you should make one too.