Numinous is a series of portraits of baroque style. The faces of the religious have been modeled with stone, dated between XII and XV centuries, from the cloister where they live. In Numinous I wanted to explore my encounter with this religious universe of difficult accessibility. Upon discovering the beauty and antiquity of the cloister where the religious woman lived, I felt an instant connection between them and the space. I realized the sisters had become the space itself. I wanted to recreate that world I imagined with hidden and eroded personalities fusing flesh and stone. I believe art is not founded on a specific technique, I believe it has to do with the symbolic properties presented by objects or materials and the relationships it finds with the context they inhabit. Some of the conceptual strategies that I utilize have to do with the body as an object of study and as a medium, and with the notion of time. I frequently work between the contemporary and the classic. I try to give life to issues of collective memory that seem to be buried but they have never ceased to exist and are part of the portrait of our time.