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When Galileo first turned the newly invented telescope to the heavens, he recorded his new discoveries in a short astronomical treatise called Starry Messenger. He gazed  at innumerable fixed stars, as well as at four planets never seen before, and now known as moons of Jupiter or medicean stars. This was the first scientific observations with telescopes displacing Earth from the centre of the universe.


In my Starry Messenger, I reenact the car accident that left me with permanent double vision twenty years ago through photographs that I took while driving at the same location the accident happened. I draw, trace and transfer the glitches and reflections from these images into maps and blueprints of New York City, connecting coordinates and locator points of places that I lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It's a humbling nature to gaze at the heavens and thus, to displace myself from the Earth and from the centre of my universe. 

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